Precious Baby

Our nephew was due to arrive in early November, but on October 26, Leslie found out it would be earlier than expected. At her regular scheduled doctor's appointment, they found out that the baby had turned. They tried to flip him in her belly, but were unsuccessful, so they scheduled a c-section for the next day.

Proud Mimi and daddy

William Cahill Bullard
October 27, 2010
6 lb 6 oz

Leslie holding her baby boy for the first time

What a sweet little family

It's hard to see, but his pacifier says "I Love My Uncle Billy"
I'm an Aunt and my kids have a cousin!!!!!!

I never thought that I would be an aunt. Leslie and James have been married for several years, and all along the way they thought they would never have any children.

Most of you know my brother, bless his heart, and he will never have children. So, this baby is so precious to us all!

It has been so sweet to see Leslie and James with the baby. They both have been wonderful with him. Everything just seems so natural. I love it!

I can't wait to watch him grow and see him play with our kiddos. They have waited so long for this precious baby, and he is finally here. God is definitely good!


Jenny said...

Congratulations, Aunt Amanda! :) He IS precious!

The "W" Family said...

He is.so.cute! Wow! Love the pack and your cute haircut!

elaine said...

aww...congrats on your sweet nephew! so fun that you're finally an aunt and your kiddos have a cousin;)