Halloween Costumes and a Trophy Deer

So, this year I must say, my kiddos were pretty darn cute. It was probably my most favorite costumes yet! Take a look...

This is the greatest. Every time I look at him I crack up! Doesn't he make a great hotdog? We stuffed a ton of Wal-Mart bags on top of his head to make it stick up. Funny, huh?!
She's pretty funny too... always posing!
It was a "no-brainer" that he wanted to be a cowboy!

Shifting gears a bit...

I guess I'm a little bit of a prissy girl and killing animals is not my thing, but Kent asked me to post this picture.

This past weekend he shot his first deer all by himself... ONE shot! Now, I could care less about hunting 99.99% of the time, but after I saw how happy it made him and his daddy, I feel like a proud peacock!

I guess I might as well just face the facts... my boys are hunters! That's okay as long as no more deer heads are mounted and brought in the house. :)

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elaine said...

such cute kids (and costumes!) and congrats to kent and billy on the deer...super impressive:) i'm with you, i feel bad for all the "bambi's", but i know i'll be the same way one day when will and his daddy are in the same boat!