I'm Gonna Hurt Him!

Okay, so it's 12:30 AM and I should be sleeping, but I'm so mad that I can't.

We came home from our multiple Thanksgiving dinners to find our Lab's collar nicely placed on the welcome mat of our front door and our side gate on our fence standing wide open. I couldn't believe it!

The kids and I get back into the car, roll the windows down and start yelling for our dogs. (Keep in mind it's 10:00PM and 28 degrees outside) After an hour of driving up and down the road I give up and come home.

At 11:15 PM I'm trying to fall asleep in bed when I hear this really weird noise outside. It's our Beagle scratching at the front door. Yippee, right?


When I open the door, both dogs run in the house and BOTH have been sprayed by a skunk! I'm not talking about a little stinky, I mean so stinky I almost threw up. It was the most offensive odor I've ever smelled!

So-o-o, I bathed Buster in tomato juice and he still stinks! I seriously can't take anymore from this dog. I'm so nauseous and really, really angry.

What am I going to do with him???

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