Update on Catherine

Well, all of the information that I am about to write came from my sweet husband.  So here we go... Billy was at the hospital on and off today to sit with David.  Catherine was supposed to go into surgery around 7:00 am, but didn't go in until somewhere around 10:00 am.  The doctors found that she had a kink in her colon and lots of infection in her intestine.  They were able to fix it, but from what I understand, she still has a tube to drain all the icky from the ruptured appendix.  The doctor said it could take up to a couple of weeks to completely drain everything.  I don't know if that means she will remain in the hospital, or if they will somehow let her go home (if she is feeling up to it).  

At this moment, I think they are taking one step at a time.  We are faithfully praying for our friend and have full confidence that God is in control and His grace and mercy will touch her body.  Please continue to pray.  She will probably have a long road ahead.


Brandy said...

Thanks for the update! Keep us posted!

elaine said...

so sorry to hear about your friend...glad they found out what was wrong...we are praying!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear that they figured everything out and that they are now in a "recovery" process.

I am sure the past few days have been extremely scary for the family.