Life at Our House

Yesterday was Gracie's first day of Cheerleading, and boy was she excited.  She didn't know anyone in the class of sixteen girls, but jumped right in and was a little chatter box.  I am so thankful that she is not shy like I was, but some times she's over the top!  She told her daddy that she wanted to quit ballet/tap, because getting to shake her booty in a cheerleading outfit would be a lot more fun!  Funny, huh! I don't think Billy is to excited about this class!  

Kent is still doing well in school and STILL not offering up any information about his day!  Billy tells me that's normal, and boys just don't want to talk.  Oh well.  Thank goodness for Grace, she's a talker!  Anyway, Amos is doing okay too.  Amazingly, he has been pretty calm in his class and has absorbed so much!  He is drawing some really cool pictures and writing his name.  We are so proud!  Work is still going great, but I'm looking forward to the weekend!  :-)

Sorry the post today isn't very exciting.  I was going to take pictures of Grace in her new class yesterday, but I was a little bit intimidated by all the parents watching!  I just think pictures are fun for the blog. Maybe the next post I will do better!    

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!  


Jamie said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great week.

Jennifer Skoff said...

I think Gracie will make a great cheerleader. If Billy is nervous now he's gonna be a wreck when she gets older.