Gracie Lost Her First Tooth!

This morning I was standing in the kitchen making breakfast and Grace walked in and said, "mom, I think today is the day my tooth will come out."  So I said, "let's take a look and see."  It was barely hanging on, so I told her I thought I could pull it for her pretty easily.  She said, "are you going to yank it out?  Because if you are... forget it!"  After I stopped laughing, I got some toilet paper and grabbed her tooth and it popped right out!  She cried for a second because it started to bleed, but as soon as she realized it was out, she quickly got over it!  I actually think she might go to bed early because the tooth fairy is coming to visit! 

This picture was taken Friday morning before school. I thought it would fall out at school, so I had to take a picture!

That's one VERY wiggly tooth!
This picture was taken today right after she lost it.
 "Mommy, it's soooo tiny!"
"Do you think the tooth fairy will let me keep it?"


Jamie said...

So sweet! I am so not ready for that stage. :)

Charles, Shelly & Emily said...

Yeah, that is very exciting. How much do you get for a tooth these days :) I really had fun at the movies the other night, I am looking forward to next month's!

davidcatherinewilson said...

I am finally catching up on bloggging. You all have been busy. I can't believe Gracie lost a tooth! I'm curious too, how much does a baby tooth go for these days?

btw, I keep meaning to call you. I just LOVE all the stuff you made for my sis. They are all my new favorites. My sister went crazy over them. Thanks so much for making such cute stuff! See you soon hopefully.

elaine said...

awww...so cute! hope the tooth fairy was good to her;) will missed you last week, too...he'll be back this week, ready or not!!!