Fun, Fun, Fun!

Today we went to a birthday party for Gracie's little friend, Georgia.  Her mother, Shannon, planned to have her party in their backyard, but because of the rain they moved it to the church.  

The kids jumped on a big blow-up bouncy toy for two hours, and got good and sweaty (hopefully, they will be good and tired at bedtime!).  

Shannon painted faces and did such a great job!  Kent requested R2D2 and it turned out awesome!

Grace had a castle on her face and a rose on her hand.  She was so proud!

Amos got a green snake painted on his arm and it was so cool!  I have to say, his choice of animal didn't surprise me!  He is a nut over spiders, snakes, crickets, ants and basically anything creepy!  

I am looking forward to a relaxing Saturday afternoon.  I plan on a little blogging, TV watching, eating and lots of sleeping!  

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 


Jennifer Skoff said...

Sounds like fun! We have the same plans for this evening except for the sleeping part. We really haven't slept in about 4 months.

Jamie said...

Glad you all had fun at the party.