Sweet Little Ones

Once again, I really couldn't think of anything exciting to post about, so I decided to share some of my favorite pictures of my kiddos.  Here are a few that need to be on the ol'blog! 
His first t-ball game
Fishing in Nana and Pawpaw Stan's pond
Making lovely faces at Mom

I love this picture!  This is Gracie's favorite doll, Emily.
She loves her brothers!
She hates broccoli!
Playing dress up is one of her favorite things!
This picture was taken at school last year during a party in Kent's class.  He was in "time out" for being crazy (imagine), and this is the face he was making at me!
This one makes me laugh every time!!!
I'm beginning to see a pattern!

I'm not sure why, but he is totally obsessed with spiders
Hope you enjoyed!  

God bless, and have a wonderful week!


Jamie said...

Such cute kids! Can you guys come over to play? :)

Whew... I think I am all caught up. :)

elaine said...

your kiddos are so precious! love all the pics!