Prayer Request

Please lift up our good friend, Catherine Wilson, in prayer.  She was admitted to the hospital a week ago for a ruptured appendix.  Since removing the appendix, things have gotten worse.  We learned earlier in the week that her veins had collapsed and they had to put in a central line.  The doctors have put in a tube to drain fluid, but she is still feeling icky.  Yesterday they moved her to a different hospital were she will undergo surgery for a mass they found during a CT scan.  

We are asking everyone who reads this to please, stop and take a moment to pray for her and her family.  She has two precious little boys and a husband that is very concerned for her.  We are praying that God will heal her sick body.    

I will do my best to update when I hear how the surgery went today.

Thank you, and have a blessed day! 


Brandy said...

I just got an e mail from Marilyn last night--I can't believe it. Maryilyn said she really wasn't up for visitors, but I know you are close, so if you see her/talk to her, please let her know I'm thinking about her and praying for her!!

Candice said...

I talked to her Mom Thursday and told her to let me know what I could do for Catherine. I knew she wouldn't want a lot of people in and out when she felt yucky. I would like to bring her food once she is home. Maybe we could work together to make sure dinner for her boys is covered for at least the first week. I will check for updates.

Brandy said...

I live really close and I would be happy to jump in on making a dish or two or three, whatever!

Amanda said...

Candice & Brandy,

That sounds great. I would love to help you with dinner. Maybe between the three of us we can take turns. Lets keep in touch.

Thanks so much guys! :-)

Jamie said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. Please know that I am lifting up her and the entire family in prayer.