A Special Day

Palm Sunday is the beginning of an exciting week.  Most of you know, this is the day that Jesus rode in the town of Jerusalem on a colt and was worshiped by the people as their earthly king. When I close my eyes, I can imagine what that was like. How awesome that must have been for those people!

Every year on Palm Sunday, our church gathers the children and waves palm branches during the morning service.  It is a special event that I always look forward to.  I was especially looking forward to it today, because I expected Amos to ask why we were waving "leaves".  Sure enough he asked me, and it was the perfect opportunity to explain all that Jesus endured in the week leading up to his death.  

As I was putting on his pajamas tonight, Amos said to me, "Mom? Did you know that Jesus died on the cross for me?"  I said, "Yes, honey.  Isn't that so amazing that He would die so that one day we could be with him in heaven forever?"  Amos quickly replied, "I hope Abby knew about Jesus, because I really want to see her again."  Abby is our yellow lab that died a little over a year ago!  Anyway, it got him thinking!

I am so looking forward to next week.  I have to say, Easter is my number one favorite holiday!  Every year I am overwhelmed by the thought of Christ sacrifice for us.  Many times I have thought... what if I had been in Mary's place, and God had sent one of my boys to be savior of the world to die one day on a cross.  I can not bare the thought!  How unworthy I am to be given this gift.  We have been blessed beyond all measure!

I hope everyone has a great week and a fantastic Easter!

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Brenda said...

oh how sweet. that made me cry. I know Amos loved his Abby. Thank you for reminding us just how much Jesus does love us.