An Egg Party!

We had a lot of fun decorating Easter eggs today.  We started off with two dozen eggs, but ended up coloring only fifteen because I cracked eight and Grace cracked one!  Don't ask me how!!!  It started off kinda rough, but we had a great time in the end!   

Anxiously waiting for me to put the camera down!

Amos wanted me to take a picture of his blue egg

Ta dah!
Hunting eggs in the front yard...

It's funny how they all have their own method with the eggs... 

Kent, opens one at a time.

Grace, counts them carefully.

 Amos, opens all his eggs as fast as he can so he can pick out the best candy and eat it before someone else does!

Happy Easter!

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Jenny said...

So cute! I love the polka dots. I didn't get around to decorating eggs with Braden this year. He did hunt the plastic ones about 100 times, though. :)