Oh, so sweet!

Okay, I need to brag on my husband for a minute...  

Tuesday, Billy had surgery for the third time for his polyps.  The last two times they went through his nose, and this time they went through his mouth into his sinuses.  He has a mouth full of stitches and a swollen face now, but he is doing great.  

Anyway... Wednesday while I was at work, these beautiful flowers were delivered to me.  At first I thought, what?  This is a mistake.  The only person that would send me a dozen roses is laying in a bed for the next ten days on pain medication, unable to drive, let alone think clearly enough to send flowers.  So, when I opened the card it said, "I love you - Billy Mayes" (he always signs his last name... I'm not sure why).  I quickly called him, and he said he went to the florist the day before his surgery and arranged for the flowers to be delivered  the day after his surgery.  Isn't that so sweet?  He is always thinking ahead.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, Billy.  I love you too!


davidcatherinewilson said...

That is so sweet! That Billy knows how to work it :)

davidcatherinewilson said...

p.s my family is on the way to your house