Sewing Projects

Your probably wondering why I'm posting about random sewing projects.  Well, I had someone ask if we sold our items online.  Since we don't, I thought I would post some pictures so people could see some of the things we offer.

If anyone is interested in a brochure, just let me know.  I would be happy to mail you one. :-)

 "Silkies" are our best seller.  One side is fuzzy and soft, and the other side is slick and smooth. 
 Babies love to snuggle these things!
Hair bows....
Burp cloths are our second best seller.  
This one is my favorite.  It has all of the baby's birth information sewn onto the ribbon.
We applique too!
This is actually a pillow case turned into an outfit.  The shirt is the main part of the pillow case, and the ruffle on the jeans is the cuff off the pillow case.  
Add a monogram and some ribbons, and your set!
My sweet friend Shannon ordered two of these dresses for her girls.  
Another dress....
You can't go wrong with sock monkeys!
More Razorback stuff....


Jamie said...

Your stuff is so cute! Can't wait for the brochure to arrive.

The Keylors said...

Hi, I found you through my friend Jenny Bunger. It's a strange story, but a friend of yours found my website (the-busy-brush.com) through your blog, so I was curious to see who you were. The things you make are so cute and your family is even cuter. I would love to have a brochure of the things you sell. Here's my info:

If you need my address, just let me know.

Ashley Keylor

The Gibson's said...

So cute, I'd like a brochure. I found your page through my friend Tonette. calandra40@hotmail.com is my email

Harris Family said...

You are so talented! SO cute! And your family is precious! I randomly stumbled across your blog and I have enjoyed reading it!