Branson Bachelorette Party

Brittany opening her goodie bag
So cute!
The scrap book page I made for her
Lunch at the Tea Room
This was a cake Mary Jo bought at Rick's Bakery that traveled all the way to Branson.  She slid around a little in the car, so it looks like she is wearing a belly shirt!
The Showboat
All six of us with the captain of the boat
Barn swinging.... ahhhhhh!
Me riding Sanchez the mechanical bull!
I loved this slide!

This past weekend was my good friend Brittany's bachelorette party in Branson.  We all got there Friday and met a few of her close friends for a weekend full of fun, laughing and just having a great time of fellowship.  

The first night we met up at a hotel and got to know each other. We all brought pictures of ourselves with Brittany, and we each made a scrap book page.  At the end of the night we put them all together and started a book for her.  It was really neat.

After we made the scrap book pages, Brittany's friend, Mary Jo, gave each of us a goodie bag with buttons that said "I'M WITH THE BRIDE", a recorder, tierra, a plastic diamond ring and a magic wand!  We all laughed so hard when we saw all the fun things in the bag.  She gave Brittany a veil with fuchsia colored feathers glued to the top and a matching fuchsia boa.  It was too funny.  We thought it would be fun to wear all these lovely things around town, and boy did we get some funny looks!  

Saturday was the most fun, and the most exhausting.  We all wore old bridesmaid dresses complete with all of our gifts from Mary Jo, and had a nice lunch at the Tea Room.  We couldn't help but laugh because of all the stares we got.  Our waiter at lunch was a singer on the Showboat Branson Belle, and he invited us to come see him perform that night. Everyone thought it sounded like fun, so we went.  They served us dinner and we saw our waiter, Chip, sing some "broadway style" songs.  We even got invited to come up to meet the captain and have our picture taken!  It was very entertaining, to say the least, but we all had a great time!    

Saturday night we went barn swinging and had some more laughs.  I was genuinely looking forward to it until we got there, and I realized how high I would be swinging.  I attempted it one time, and just watched the rest of the girls the rest of the time.  I did however, slide on the giant slide and rode a mechanical bull and loved it.  

That night we were all pretty tired, and crashed for the night.  We got up Sunday morning and drove home.  I was so happy to get away and have some "girl time".  I think we all went away from the trip with new friends and lots of wonderful memories!  Thanks Brittany!  :-)


davidcatherinewilson said...

how fun to have a girl's weekend!

Mauree said...

Girl's weekends are always fun! I saw your blog from the Bunger's.

curtis03 Lewis said...

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