Fireworks Fun

Every year we always go to the little fireworks tent down the road and let the kids pick out a few things.  This year was no different.  They always get excited about picking out their fireworks! 

After stopping by the tent, we went to Billy's Uncle Ben and Aunt Sue's house.  The kids love them, and always have a great time playing with Sammy (Billy's cousin).  Before everyone else in the family showed up, we jumped on the trampoline and took turns in their new tree swing.  

Kent has always enjoyed "helping" with the fireworks and has never been scared.  However, this was the first year Amos didn't scream!  He was content to sit in his chair the whole time and stick his fingers in his ears!  If you know anything about Amos, that was HUGE for him to sit in one spot and be happy! Grace decided she wasn't going to sit with Amos, so she had fun with a few sparklers and roman candles.

We all had a great time and enjoyed everyone's company.    

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