Sew Busy

Okay, so school is back in session and summer is over. Lots of people are asking me what I'm doing now and the answer is - a little bit of everything.

I do not work full time at the office anymore. I gave that up to be available to my children for school activities and to help watch little Rylee. Things are really going well. I have adjusted to staying home and I LOVE it!

Although being a mommy keeps me very busy, I am still pursuing my passion...


I have decided to post a few pictures of some past projects in hopes that maybe I can round up a few orders to help keep me brushed up on my skills!

You've probably seen Amos' best buddy, George, in a few blog pictures. He was in desperate need of a new t-shirt, so I fixed him up this summer with his very own custom made "G" shirt.

My sweet friend, Brittany, asked me to make her baby bedding. Surprisingly, this is made mostly of shower curtains! Turned out to be one of my favorite projects!

Hair Bows:

Burp Cloths:

Owl t-shirts:

Baby Blankets:


Well, there you have it folks.

Besides my family, this is my other love (I know, I'm kinda weird).

Anyway, if anyone is looking to have something embroidered/monogrammed please feel free to contact me!

Hope everyone has a terrific Labor Day! :)


Jenny said...

You gew girl! (OK, that was really cheesy... you know, "go" spelled like "sew"?). :) I have a project for you! It may be a bit of a challenge - maybe not. I'll email you! :)

Tonette said...

I love everything!! it is all so pretty. You are so talented!!

Amanda said...


You make me laugh! I thought it was funny! Looking forward to seeing what you have for me!


You are so sweet... thanks! How is the "sewing thing" going for you?

The "W" Family said...

Sew glad you're back to creating things- hehe. Love love all the cute stuff! Glad we got to chat the other day!