We All Survived!

Wednesday night was a little crazy, but in a good way. We were all a little anxious for school the next morning.

We did all the things you do the night before the first day, and of course...

Read all about Kindergarten!

Amos is definitely a "momma's boy" and proud of it! There isn't a day that goes by when he doesn't crawl up in my lap and love on me. I love all my children, but there is just something about that last one!

After we read the book I asked him if he was going to miss me and he said, "you betcha! I love ya, mom! I'll miss ya everyday." Gotta love that kid!

After he got out of my lap, I overheard Amos talking to Kent:

Amos: Hey, Bubba... Can we really have chips in our lunchbox?

Kent: Sure!

Amos: Everyday?

Kent: Well, I guess if you want.

Amos: What about cookies?

Kent: Yes! Cookies too!

Amos: Wow! I can't believe it!

For the last two years, Amos has been in Play Learn school where they have a strict lunch policy. Thus, the excitement over chips and cookies!

After all the lunch box talk, they went to bed. I guess at some point in the night, Kent climbed down into bed with little man. So cute!

Thursday, August 19th
First day of school!

This is a bit worrisome!
Oh my.

No, he was not prompted to do that. Funny stuff!
We're on our way and actually on time!

Siting in her class line in the atrium

He looks really excited

Like I said before... worrisome

Bless his little heart, he was so nervous.

After school, Grace was the only one that offered up any info on her day. The boys were, well, boys. They didn't say a lot. I asked all the motherly questions and they both gave me one word answers. From what I gathered, it was a good day.

The first thing Amos did when we walked through the front door was to reach in his backpack and pull out a picture of his little hand. His sweet teacher, Mrs. Stumbaugh, read them a story about a little raccoon that was scared to leave his mom and go to school. The mommy raccoon kisses the little raccoon's hand and tells him to put it to his face and think of her if he gets sad at school.

Ahhhhh... SO sweet!

Kent's Kindergarten teacher also read it on the first day and we ran out and bought it. It's wonderful!
Precious memories!
We are all trying to gear up for next week. Everyone is excited!

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Angel said...

sweet pictures ! our 1st day is after Labor Day this yr. Hope your "angels" have a great school year !