Thanksgiving Day

Once again, I managed to stuff myself to the point that I was miserable! Between my Grandmother's stuffing and Billy's Grandmother's desserts, it was bound to happen!

In all seriousness, Thanksgiving day was awesome. Like always, we split the day between the Mayes', the Gabbard's and the Turner's. It all worked out perfectly and we were able to spend time with everyone. It's so nice to have all of our families in town. Life is good. We are surrounded by sweet friends, a caring family, healthy children and a God that is always faithful. We do not deserve the wonderful life we have, and yet, He loves us enough to bless us beyond all measure. Thank you, God!

Kent, summed it up at the end of the day and said, "Mom, it really was a great day."

I agree!

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Brenda said...

Oh I agree with Kent. It was a good day. I am so greatful that we got to see you and the family for a visit. Thank you for making the extra effort to see us.