Go Hogs and Hunters!

Saturday was the first time in a long time the Mayes household was just girls! We had a great time. We watched movies, took a nap and went to the Razorback game.

It doesn't get much better than that!

Me and my girl
My little cheerleader
This was the play right before the first touchdown for Arkansas
Pig Sooie!!!

So, while we were having girl time, the boys were in Huntsville doing their own thing.

Lately Kent and Amos have really started to show an interest in hunting.

Am I excited about this?


However, I know it thrills Billy, and that makes me happy.

Grandpa helping Amos with his target practice
Not bad for a little guy!
The other day we were driving to school and Amos says...

A: Hey mom, have you ever shot a 25?
me: A what?
A: A 25?
me: Do you mean a 22?
A: Huh....
me: Honey, I'm pretty sure mean a 22.
A: No, Mom. I've shot a 25 with Dad, and it was awesome! Want me to show you how to shoot sometime?
me: Of course!

How cute was that? He thinks he knows all about guns already! (He's just like me... talks about things he has no idea about!)

What a great shot!

Later that night, Billy shot a deer. (Notice I didn't follow that last sentence up with a exclamation point!) Yea, I guess I'm happy for him, BUT I DON'T want another stinkn' deer head on my wall!

I guess we all had a great day!

Thanks again for the parking spot! I REALLY appreciate it! :-)


Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

Glad you all had fu! The guy that came after you gave us tickets, so we went to the game for awhile. our tickets were definitely not as good as the ones you guys seemed to have had. Love the boys happy faces in target practice!

Bethany said...

Sounds like a great weekend for all of you! Your kids are so darn cute...and I must admit, Kent and Amos look pretty cute in the picture holding the deer antlers. I'm with you though...yuck!!