Paying it Forward

Paying it forward is one of my favorite things! I love, love, love to listen to the stories on KLRC. Well, on the way to work this morning, I was listening and heard the most touching story. It was one of those stories that put a lump in your throat, and I couldn't quit thinking about it.

So anyway, when I got to work I told my mom about it, and I told her how I wish I could "pay it forward" every time I went through a drive through. That's got to be a great feeling... knowing your making someones day!

At 12:15 today, I went through the Chick-Fil-A drive through with the intentions to pay for the car behind be, but there was no car. So I thought... oh well, next time. I get up to the window, and the manager hands me this napkin from the car in front of me.......

She said, "The lady in front of you just paid for your lunch, and wanted me to give you this."

How nice was that???

My mouth just dropped!

I just want to encourage everyone, if your able, pay it forward for someone tomorrow! Trust me, it will be a blessing!


Bethany said...

Oh, wow. That made me cry. Even though I cry VERY easily, but still, it made me cry. :)

I will pay it forward the next chance I get.

Mauree said...

I heard you tell the story on KLRC. I was going to ask you tomorrow to make sure that was you. What a neat story to share. We should all pay it forward.