The Train Ride

Dropping off Amos at school Tuesday morning:

Me: Honey, either me or Nana will meet your class at the train station in a little while, okay?

Amos: What? I don't want you to go with me. I want my Nana.

Me: Excuse me? You don't want your mommy?

Amos: NO, and if you show up, you can't sit with me on the train!


So, as I'm driving to work I'm thinking... okay buddy, I AM going on that train and YOU WILL sit with me!
When I showed up at the train station he was unhappy to say the least...

Amos: What are you doing here?

Me: I came to spend some time with you and ride the polar express!

Amos: Okay, but you're not sitting with me on the train and I'm not taking any pictures.

Look who won that battle?
Me: You're really hurting my feelings.
Amos: Am I the worst boy in our family?
Me: Maybe.
Amos: (with a VERY serious expression) Am I on the naughty list (Santa's list)?
Me: You bet you are!
Amos: How can I get off the list?
Me: Be sweet to you're mom!
Amos: Okay, but only while we're on the train.
I guess my little man is growing up! I don't want to embarrass him or be the crazy kissy mom, I just want to hang on to every moment with him that I can. It's times like this that make me slow down and really cherish every day with my kiddos.


Brenda said...

Oh that little toot! Nana wishes she could have gone with him :-(
But he needs to learn to be nice to his momma. (dornik) Just keep loving him through this ruff time.
Love - Nana :-)

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

oh no he is too young for that! i would have probably cried the whole time on the train :)

Tracey Johnson said...

Lily didn't want to sit with me either. She started out across from me and then at the turn, Robbie needed to face forward so she "suggested" that Lily sit with me so she could sit in her seat. Whatever it takes, I still got to sit with her!