Christmas List 2009

I've debated over whether or not to post my children's Christmas list, and I've decided it's too funny to not share!

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Bunco and my mother-in-law (Mimi) came over to babysit. While she was here, she asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas and this is what they said...


1. A 2 liter bottle of coke
2. Toy robot
3. (I quote) "A sack of balls, and not the ones in my pants"

I know, I know... that was very inappropriate, but DANG it's funny!


1. A miniature pony
2. A horse

Kent: I really want a XBox 360, but I probably won't get it b/c I've got a lot of games already.

Mimi: How about you're very own little lap top?

Kent: Or, how about you talk my mom into letting me play on the computer we already have?

(Was that sarcasm?)


Kent: What I REALLY want is a tree house! No stairs, just a tree house.

Mimi: Don't you need stairs to get in the tree house?

Kent: Nope, we already have stairs that lead to nothing!

(Wow! That's sad, but kinda funny)

This is the letter Grace wrote to Santa:

Dear Santa,

I want a pet fish and one more pet turkey (we had two turkey's for a while). I want a reindeer and a pet rabbit. I also want hunting clothes, high heels, and a dress with hearts. I want a pink glitter ball and a pink Nintendo DS. I want glitter glue and plain glitter. I want a microphone and a crayon you wear on your head (huh???). I also want a new purple jacket and my own make-over finger nail kit and MORE presents.

Grace Mayes

Only my sweet, unique daughter would ask Santa for so many weird random things!


Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

I am still laughing over Amos' list since you told me the other day! So cute to hear what they come up with. I bet Mimi will fill those lists too!

Mauree said...

Amos is so funny! I still think it is funny he wanted to be a whoopy (sp?) cushion at Halloween.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith said...

You know what's funnier than Amos' list? Jonathan thought the 2 liter of Coke was the funniest thing. He is laughing his head off right now!