New Wall Ornament

ornament:  1) a useful accessory 2) something that lends grace or beauty 3) one whose virtues or graces add luster to a place or society 
This is the word Billy would choose to describe the new element of beauty in our living room.  

Today the phone rang, and it was the taxidermy man saying he had Billy's deer ready for him to pick up.  Let me tell you, I have mixed feelings about this deer.  I love my husband, and I love that he has a passion for hunting, BUT I don't like that he wants to put his magnificent (ha/ha) deer in our living room.  I mean, come on... he already has a mule deer on one wall in our living room, do we really need another one???  
I politely asked him if he would hang it in the garage with his turkey, but that didn't happen.  Instead, he removed something of mine off the wall and hung it up over our big screen TV!  Can you believe this ladies?  
I guess part of being married is sharing and compromise!  I have to admit, it is a big deer and I do love to see how happy it makes him.   :-) 

Those of you that know Billy know that he rarely poses for a picture.  He wasn't very excited that his picture is on the blog, but I just couldn't resist!!!   
This makes me laugh!


Jamie said...

You are 1 good, submissive wife. Ha! :)

davidcatherinewilson said...

hee hee. I love it! Billy made his big blog debut.He'll owe you big.

Brandy said...

Well...when we moved into our house I had BIG plans for painting every room a great new color!! Our den had ok walpaper and trim with wildlife DEER on it. I hated it and talked about how I couldn't wait to take it down. He informed me how much he liked it and wanted it to stay. 3years later, it's still there. I guess I can give him that one room...lol