Getting Back In The Groove

Well, Monday is the big day!  I can't believe it's already time to go back to school.  Thursday, Kent and Grace had open house at school and got to meet their teachers.  In the car on the way to the school we went over the rules... yes mam, no mam, please, thank you etc.  Kent is almost always polite, however, Gracie forgets her manner quite often and needs to be reminded.  We were the first to arrive in the class and the teacher came over to Grace and said, "hi, I'm Ms. Stumbaugh.  I'll be your teacher this year."  Grace quickly stuck out her little hand and said, "it's so nice to meet you.  I'm Gracie."  We were so proud!
By the time we made it to Kent's class, Amos was running circles in the hallway and was tired of being there.  I made Kent introduce himself to his teacher and we were out the door.  Friday morning, Billy took Amos to open house at the preschool.  I could not attend because I started teaching just down the hall from Amos!  Yeah!!!  I started Wednesday and already love it!  Anyway, back to Amos... when we went school shopping he said he needed a backpack and lunch box too because he was going to "real school".  I thought that was precious!  Because of my new job, Amos will be in preschool five days a week.  This is a first for both of us and we are very excited.
I'm sure on Monday I will be the crazy mom taking tons of pictures at school, so get ready!  I just plugged in my battery so I should be good to go!  Good luck to all the other mommy's sending their kiddos to school!   :-)


davidcatherinewilson said...

I can't believe you've moved to this stage of life now- all kids in school! It seems like just yesterday you all were pregnant with Kent. Gracie's so cute! Watch out boys- daddy owns some guns. Hope you all have a great first day of school.

Tonette said...

I am sure you had a crazy Monday! What preschool are you teaching at? I am looking for something for Reagan to do, maybe just 2 days a week. Hope you have a great day!

Jamie said...

That is so sweet what your little girl said.

Sorry for the late comments... I am behind on my blog reading.