Carpet Adventure

Has anyone ever tried carpet shopping with four kids? Let me tell ya... it's difficult.

Billy and I picked out our carpeting for the new house, purchased it and thought we were set until this morning. We found out that the carpet we chose was on back order, which would delay us closing/moving into our new home. I thought I could handle the challenge of picking out a different carpet on my own AND take the kids with me.

They got the usual "keep your hands to yourself, no tattling, blah blah blah" in the parking lot. We no more than walk through the entrance and my kids turned into psycho's! Really, you think I'm joking? I'm not.

As I'm trying not to freak out and hold a serious conversation with two employee's, Amos is running in and out of the automatic door while it opens and shuts a million times, Kent is pushing little Rylee in circles so fast I thought she was going to throw up and Grace is sobbing uncontrollably because, well, she's a girl. In between me threatening them with their lives and grounding them for eternity, my credit card wouldn't work.

Man, that was stressful!

After two hours of madness and frustration we came home without our carpet ordered. I just couldn't handle anymore and it wasn't worth me losing my mind any more than I already had. I will attempt to return to the store tomorrow minus three children. Hopefully, something productive will be accomplished on the next trip.

On a side note...

The Getty concert was wonderful! They have an amazing love for Christ that spills out into their songs. Each one is written with words that are so deep and powerful. They tell Christ story in such a unique way that you can't help but be touched by the message. I can't wait to listen to my new cd!

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