Farm Life

It is so nice to have the keyboard at my fingertips again! No, we still don't have Internet, but we do have a McDonald's down the road that allows me to blog... YAY!!

Life in our new little town is so wonderful. Our house is finally starting to feel like "home" and the kids have all adjusted to school and made some great friends. Everyone here is so nice! I know that sounds weird, but truly, they are a different kind of people. It makes moving here a whole lot easier.

Our house is coming along. We finished all the painting in Gracie's room and the boy's room, but still need to figure out my curtain situation in the living room/dining room area. Besides all the cosmetic things going on, my new love may come to surprise you... I have chickens! I have ten New Hampshire chickens that are soooo beautiful! I absolutely cannot wait until they start laying eggs! They grow incredibly fast, so it shouldn't be much longer. We also have a cow, Solomon, that is quite handsome. Poor guy, we had good intentions to raise him as a show cow for the county fair, but he wasn't cooperative, so now I guess he'll be hamburger before long. :(

The farm life is different and much more easy going than what I am used to, but I am grateful for it. I have been known to pump gas in my pj's (something I would NEVER do in Fay) and pick up kiddos from school with cow poo on my pants! I never would have thought we would be living here, but it's great!

We recently decided to change churches... yet another big change in our lives. This was not an easy decision, but one that needed to be made. We love our church and all the people, but not being connected to the community we live in is really challenging, and the rising cost of gas makes it pretty difficult as well. It's a little bit scary to not know where we will go, but we are confident God will lead us in the right direction!

I will try to upload some pictures the next time I post and get a little more caught up! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


Brenda said...

Well my dear you brought us up quite nicely. I am so thankful that you and your family are liking Huntsville.
I have to admit I miss being just less than 15 minutes away compared to the now 50-60 minutes.

The "W" Family said...

i'm so glad that you all love your new hometown and farm life! It sounds wonderful. Especially glad your 3 sweet kiddos are enjoying school and friends. we need to come see your chickens and cow soon!

Jenny said...

At first, I was all excited because there was a post, but now I'm all sad because I read to the end. You sound so content, though. So, I will by happy for you. :)

Dawn said...

YAY!! You were finally able to update your blog. This will be great especially since I won't see you at church any longer. So glad things are going well for you and the kids. Chickens! I totally hear ya, we have show pigs for the girls and I love them too. Oh poor Solomon, if he only would have cooperated. Of course he probably would have been hamburger eventually anyway. You will find a church, I am certain. God will lead you where he wants you to go. We will miss you around there and Chloe will miss Amos for sure. I will be checking in on you periodically. Take care, Dawn

Mr. & Mrs. Smith said...

SO Happy for you and your family!! So excited to hear all about the chickens and cow!!