Here We Go Again

Last week was a busy one in the Mayes household.  As most of you know, with holidays comes parties at school!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Well, Gracie asked me Monday evening if we could bake cookies for her class party on Friday.  This meant Kent and Amos would also be taking cookies to school.  I was a little bitter about the whole cookie thing at first (refer to the post before this one!), but it turned out to be lots of fun for the family and, I must say, they were yummy!!!  

M'mmmm..... butter!   :-)

She's beginning to be a pro at cracking those eggs!

Boys like to help too!
Grace and I LOVE the dough!
This little guy wasn't interested in helping.... just licking!

This was HALF of the finished product... AAHHHHH!
REMEMBER PEOPLE, DON'T USE EGG WHITES (unless you like to stare at cookies for fun!)

Grace with her Valentine's box at school
Amos, being such a good boy!

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone! 


Wess and Kristal said...

That is so sweet! I am just cracking up though! When I read the post before, I felt so frustrated with you, but couldn't help but laugh! I'm glad this experience was a little more pleasant for all of you ;o)

Jenny said...

Those are beautiful! You are so crafty! Your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful mom. :)

Brenda said...

WOW that's a lot of cookies! Way to go girl - you would make Martha proud!!! You have very lucky kidos

Jennifer Skoff said...

Humm...I don't suppose you have any extras do you? They look yummy:-)

Tonette said...

Gosh, those look delicioso! How cute they are too, eat your heart out Rick! (ricks bakery, not really a person:)