A Joyous Day

It was a joyous day in our house and in heaven on Saturday, July 17, 2010. Our sweet, Kent, was saved! It was definitely a moment I will always remember and hold in my heart forever...

July 17th
We were exhausted. We just returned from a family vacation and were resting up for church on Sunday.
After unloading all the suitcases, bags and trash out of the car, we all became couch potatoes until bedtime.
When bedtime came, I hurried the kids in bed, kissed them all, and turned the lights out.
About thirty minutes after I had tucked them in, Billy and I hear footsteps coming up behind us in the living room. Expecting to turn and see Amos, we saw Kent.
He slowly walked in front of us and muttered the words "I'm ready to be Christian." He was so precious. He had a lump in his throat and tears in his sweet little eyes.
He came over and sat between Billy and I.
Billy: Do you know what it means to be a sinner?
Kent: Yes. It means that I am going to mess-up, but Jesus can save me.
At that point, the three of us got on our knees.
Billy: Do you want me to pray with you?
Kent: Yes.
Billy began to pray the prayer of salvation, expecting him to repeat, but he was silent. When he finished praying he asked Kent if he wanted to pray, and he said "yes."
At that moment, he prayed for God to come into his life and save him. It was so beautiful.
Many people congratulated him at church on Sunday when he went forward before the church, but my favorite comment, was from Mrs. Tracey...
She asked him if he knew what happened the moment he prayed that prayer. He looked at her with a funny expression and she said, "All the angels in heaven rejoiced!"
I love it!
We are looking forward to his baptism and watching him grow in Christ in the years to come. It's so exciting to see your child grow in their faith and to know that, we as parents, have accomplished our ultimate goal with our child. After all, this is what it's all about!


Angel said...

that is so precious! thanks for sharing his story !

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

How awesome! I'm so proud of Kent!