It's Almost Time!

Ahhh, I can't believe it... our little man is starting Kindergarten in 35 days! I always envisioned me being a weepy mother at this point, but surprisingly, I'm not. He is SO ready, and that makes me happy. He has watched his bubby and sissy do it, and now, it's his turn.

Which leads to the dreadful "shots" appointment!

Sweet little Kent kept telling him all about what to expect at the doctor's office. How they would weigh him, check to see how much he's grown, look in his ears and throat and listen to his heart and, of course, get "some shots". I was proud of him. He said, "Don't worry bubba. It doesn't hurt that bad. It's like a little sting and it's over." To which Amos replied, "I'm tough. I can do it! I'm NOT going to cry!"

And then Grace chimes in...

"Oh, yes, you will! They'll give you five shots and you'll scream like a baby!"

That's my girl... honest and blunt!

Needless to say, he did cry. :(

Hand in hand with Daddy

I'm a terrible mother. I don't remember how tall he was. Oops!
Or how much he weighed!
We love Dr. Grear! One of our family fav's!

Poor little man!

At least it's over and we're all set to go!!

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Wess and Kristal said...

Awe! Poor little guy! Those appts seem so cruel! Weston starts KG this year too, so if you get a little weepy on the first day, you can call me! lol