Little Sluggers

Kent's team is still undefeated! Which leads me to a funny story...

Right before one of our bigger games last week, we found out we didn't have enough players to play the game. Billy made a phone call to approve Amos playing on the 8 year old team to avoid us taking a forfeit. When we got to the game, we only had seven players. In most cases, you need at least 8 players and then you still take an automatic out. The nice umpire in Prairie Grove decided to let us play anyway, and we won!

The best part... Amos hit a HOME RUN off of the pitching machine!!! How awesome is that!?

My pretty momma and the boys
Billy giving Amos a "five" through the fence!

This picture cracks me up! Look at the little kid playing in the field!

Man, it was hot.
My most favorite thing about that game, was what Kent said to Amos in the car. He said, "Bubba, you know you won the game for us, right? You were awesome!" So, sweet! I just love that boy!

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