I apologize for continuing to bring up our burglary, but I need to say 'thank you' again. I went to the post office yesterday, and found two sweet cards addressed to our children, both containing gift cards to help replace some of the things that were stolen. We have also received a couple from church as well, and it truly brings joy to my heart to know that we are loved. All the things we have been given have all been given anonymously, and while I truly am grateful and appreciative, we wish we could hug your necks!! So, whoever you are, please know you made our children smile and are showing them God's love through blessing us. Thank you! :)

On to more exciting news...

(I am really behind on blogging, so you may be reading about some "older" Mayes family news in the days to come.)

One thing that's still going on and continues to keep us running in circles...


This is Amos' first year to play, and he is really enjoying it! He usually plays second base, and he loves to tag the runners out! It's quite funny to watch!

Mr. Lefty himself!

SOOOO serious!

He made it!!

And then there's Grace. She enjoyed the first few games and then decided it really wasn't for her. She did look cute in the outfit though!

This is Kent's fourth year to play (I think) and he is really good! He plays first base and has made several home runs (can you tell I'm a proud mother?). This year is the first year all the boys are taking it more seriously and getting the big win is important to them. So far, his team is undefeated and will probably make it to the tournament! YAY!!

I love this picture.

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