My Bicycle Boy

I am so excited to announce that, Amos, can ride a big boy bicycle now! No more training wheels!!! I also need to mention, that he is my youngest and only child that can ride a bike!

Last year, Amos walked into the kitchen where I was cooking and said, "mom, I'm goin' out in the garage for a minute to work on my bike." When I looked down at him he was holding his toy wrench, hammer and screwdriver and so I said, "Okay.. whatever. Have fun!" When I went out to check on him he had taken his training wheels off his bike! I couldn't believe it! I didn't know a little plastic toy could do that!

It wasn't until this past Thursday, for whatever reason, he was suddenly motivated to get on his bike and ride!

We pulled up to our house in the car and Amos said, "Mom, I'm going to ride my bike today!" and I said, "You've got ten minutes (thinking he would scoot around on it and drag his feet)!" Well, he pulled his bike out of the garage and literally took off like a pro! Can you tell I'm a proud mother???

Anyway, I ran in the house and grabbed my camera and here is the video...

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Jenny said...

Congratulations, Amos! What a little Mr. Independent! :)