Contract Pending!

Thursday night we finally got an offer on our house! I couldn't believe it. One hour before the contract expired on Friday, we accepted the sellers offer!

I thought selling our house was exactly what I wanted, BUT now I'm having mixed emotions. This was our first house together, and we brought all three of our babies home from the hospital in this house. Don't get me wrong, I am excited, just a little scared.

We are supposed to close September 28th, but we still need to make it through the appraisal before it's final. If the house appraises for what we're asking, it will be final. It could swing either way at this point. I am leaving it completely in God's hands, and have decided I will not be upset either way. Whatever happens will be His plan for us!

We should know something within the next two weeks!


Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

Wow! exciting! I know wherever you go will feel like home in no time!

Jenny said...

That is so exciting! I think I would have the same kind of mixed emotions. Take lots of pictures of the little things before you move (like the mailbox, the doorknobs, the kids' favorite spot in their rooms, etc.). :)