Happy Birthday, Grace Kathryn!

Sunday, was our sweet Grace's 6th birthday.  I'm a day late posting, because I had trouble finding all the pictures I wanted to post.  So here goes....

She has been begging her daddy to let her pierce her ears, and so... for her birthday that's what we did!  

She was incredible!  She sat in the little chair just as confident as could be, and one of the women that was helping us said, "Honey, do you need your brother to hold your hand?"  and she replied, "No way... I'm good!"  

Right after they were done, she calmly looked up at me and said, "Are they done yet?  I thought you said this would hurt!"  

I couldn't believe it!  Not a tear or compliant of any kind!

She looked in the mirror with the biggest smile and said, "are these 'real' ear rings?"  

Drawing the "dot"
This picture makes me cringe!
After we left the store, she said, "this was the best birthday ever, and nothing can top this day!"
So proud!
I can't believe you are already six years old.  It seems like yesterday you were a tiny baby.  Happy birthday my sweet angel!  You make my heart melt and put a smile on my face!  Mommy loves you SO much!


davidcatherinewilson said...

oh, I have tears in my eyes. I remember that you were my first friend to have a baby and let us be there. I got to hold her when she was just a few minutes old. David is still mad that I sent him home to feed our dog and he missed it. She was a beautiful baby and a beautiful 6! year old. I can't believe how brave she was to get her ears pierced! Happy Birthday Gracie!

*at first I thought, oh my, Amanda is pregnant! ha

Bethany said...

What a beautiful picture of Grace with her little hands over her mouth. That is my favorite!!

Jennifer Skoff said...

What a beautiful family you guys have. I just love looking at the "growing up pics", it warms my heart. That picture frame deal is such a GREAT idea. Happy Birthday Grace!

Wess and Kristal said...

What a brave, big girl Grace is!! She is just beautiful! She'll always remember this birthday and that is so sweet!

Dawn said...