My Christmas Present

Yes, you read the title right. For Christmas, Billy, gave me tickets to see Casting Crowns in concert!!!

Let me just say, I was shocked! Billy is the type that always puts a lot of thought into a gift, and this time, he really surprised me! We drove to Kansas City and had two days of fun (and snow)!

Not only did we get to see an amazing concert, we took two of our good friends, David and Catherine with us. It was nice to have "grown up" time! ;-)

This is Caleb, Steven Curtis Chapman's son.

Then we saw, Kutless!!!! One of my all time favorites!

Did I mention we had GREAT seats!

HELLO!! ;-)

And, of course, Casting Crowns!

This is the lead singer, Mark.

Don't you just love this up close picture of my big head!

This next picture makes me laugh.
As we were leaving, we noticed that Kutless was signing autographs, so Catherine and I decided we would not only get an autograph but a picture too! We were both SO excited, can you tell?

SO..... thank you, Billy! I had a great time!


Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

It was so fun! You actually got a picture of 3 of the 4 of us! Thanks so much! Maybe we could be groupies and follow them around the country :)

Beth said...

What a fun surprise! Looks like you guys had a blast! Enjoyed it very much. Ihampers.co.uk