FINALLY... I'm actually going to post something! I'm just going to warn you now, it's mostly tons of pictures from random occasions. So, here we go!

Every year in May, our church recognizes the children that have participated in Wednesday night classes. This is Amos receiving his certificate for being a "Mission Friend".

He claims he doesn't like to be on stage in front of everyone, but it look to me like that's not the case!

This was Kent's first year as a RA (Royal Ambassador).

I LOVE this picture. These are Kent's best buddies at church, Thomas Mason and Walker Williams.
In this picture they are saying the RA pledge as a class.

I don't have any pictures of Grace getting her certificate because I was her teacher and I was on stage with her. Ooops!


Amos graduated the 3/4 year old class at Play Learn.

He doesn't look real excited.


These are pictures from Kent's first baseball game...

Getting a little coaching from dad!


Kent and his teacher, Miss Waterson, at the 1st grade graduation.


Grace and Nana at her Kindergarten graduation.

Gracie and her teacher, Mrs. Stumbaugh.

It's hard to tell, but Grace is the one with the flower dress holding the orange paper.


These are pictures from Grace's t-ball game in Westville, Oklahoma...

Kent and Grandpa (Billy's Dad)

Amos was mad that he fell down in the mud!

Me and my sweet girl!

Gracie and her Daddy

She looks so serious!

Next week we are flying to Colorado to see my family. I will try to update the blog when we get back!

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Jennifer Skoff said...

I just love your pics! I hope you and the kids have a great time in Colorado. See you soon!