A Day on The Lake

One of my most favorite things to do is go fishing!!!  It always has been a passion of mine since I was little.  When I was five months pregnant, Billy and I drove to Canada to fish for a week.  And for our sixth anniversary, Billy surprised me with a guided trip to catch Trout in Cotter, Arkansas.  I'm happy fishing a river, lake, pond, puddle... whatever, as long as there is fish.  I LOVE it!  I could do it all day and then some!  

This morning we decided to go to Beaver Lake for some fishing, and had a great time.  Billy caught a zillion fish and I caught zero, but that's okay, because Amos had a blast touching and THROWING the fish back into the water!

For some crazy reason, this week Fayetteville is off for spring break, but West Fork is not.  This makes me sad, because I was looking forward to spending time with all my babies.  Although I have missed them this week, it's been really neat to spend time with Billy and Amos.  We've never had the opportunity to have him all by himself, and I must say, he loves it too!

Amos insisted that I take a picture of the turtle.  :-)

My little fisherman!
"Can I pet the fishy, dad?"
"He's a cute little fella, huh mom?"

I love this little guy so much it hurts!  He is the sweetest boy.  I bet he told me he loved me 20 times today (I'm not exaggerating).  

I am so thankful for my family and for memories like today.


Jennifer Skoff said...

What a great day! I just love days like those. You just want to cherish them forever:-)

Brenda said...

Oh I love the pictures! I can't believe you can touch those fish without jumping out of your skin... YUCK! You certainly didn't taked that after your mom; but maybe the love you have for your children and wanting to spend time with them you did take from your mom.
P.S. Happy birthday again :-)
Love Mom