Okay, so this year for Christmas, Billy and I made every attempt to buy our children almost everything they asked for.  Well, have you seen the Bendaroos commercial on tv?  Grace BEGGED me a million times for it, and I told her a million times, no.  I'm not buying waxed covered strings off the television... sorry!  

Well, Monday morning we were in Walgreens, and as we were walking down one of the isles, Gracie screams, "BENDAROOS!!!!!".   Dang it!!!  Did I mention we were at Walgreens to pick up three prescriptions for her because she is sick??  Anyway, how could I say no?  She said, "Mommy, the only thing I didn't get for Christmas was Bendaroos, and I think it might make me feel better!"  So, guess what.... Mommy is a great big sucker!  

While she has a double ear infection and a temp of 103.6 she still has enough energy to apply this junk to the wall!  It is kinda cute though!  
She knows I hate spiders, so she tried to scare me!
I was told this was cookies on a plate!  Pretty creative, huh?

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Gary and Kellye said...

I just read the episode about Amos. Oh my gosh, HOW TERRIFYING! I'm getting my first taste of the sick bug. LJ has that RSV virus, and the dr has him using an inhaler. I suppose I'll just need to get used to dealing with sickness for the next few years!

It was great to see you at Christmas. I hope you all had a good one!